Merkur is a modern bank for business, individuals and organisations - but Merkur is also a bank, that offers you to make a difference.

Merkur offers you a chance to make a difference. As consumers we influence daily the choice of goods that are being produced, by the choices we make when buying products. Money not immediately spent on consumption is held short term or long term in banks/building societies. But, not many of us actually ask our bank, insurance company or pension fund what initiatives are being supported with the accumulated capital?

Merkur, a public co-operative bank, was started in 1982 with the aim of making banking a transparent business. Our customers exert an influence as to how their money is being worked with and we keep them informed of the process. Each year we produce an overview of Loan investments and in our magazine, we highlight Merkur's transactions and current position within society.

Contact Information

Head Office
Vejgård Møllevej 3
Postbox 2039
DK-9100 Ålborg

Phone +45 98 10 18 35
Fax +45 98 10 18 53
E-mail merkurbank@merkurbank.dk
Website in Danish http://www.merkurbank.dk/